Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BCS has one extra letter in it

Once again, the genius money grubbers at the NCAA and universities around this great nation had pie slammed in their face.

The 2010 college football season came to an end Monday night in Arizona, and the undisputed, clear-cut national champion is ... We aren't sure.

The polls and the crystal football and all the confetti will tell you Auburn is the champ after beating Oregon, 22-19. But nobody seems to want to discuss TCU, who is also unbeaten and took care of a supposedly superior opponent in the Rose Bowl by knocking off Wisconsin.

So the season is over and we have two unbeaten Division I teams and zero Division I playoff system.

For an organization that let five suspended Ohio State players participate in the Sugar Bowl to save TV ratings and money for the sponsor, nothing should surprise me. BUt every year, there is this debate and every year, nothing happens. So for a good old-fashioned football tournament, I have to go back to the OHSAA tournament, which I consider to be one of the best postseason systems around.

Too bad the college guys can't take a free lesson from us little high school guys once in a while and get this thing right.

- Bill Tilton


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