Friday, August 22, 2014

News-Herald high school football preview covers from the past 10 years: 2008

Teams hit the campaign trail in an election year, including Tony Fisher Award candidates Chris Fields of Harvey, Randy Greenwood of Lake Catholic, Patrick Nicely of South, Tom Worden of Mentor and Rossi Santo of Kirtland. A write-in candidate, Mike Hanhauser of Perry, won the vote that season.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

News-Herald high school football preview covers from the past 10 years: 2007

It was back to school for area teams, and many of the area's top players gathered at Lake Erie College. Front row: Madison's Nick DiLillo, Mentor's Bart Tanski, Euclid's Devon Jennings; second row: Mentor's Brad Bednar, University's McConnell Smith, Harvey's Chris Fields, Souths' Patrick Arcarco, Riverside's Lane Robilotto, Lake Catholic's Randy Greenwood; third row: Lake Catholic's Chad Hounshell, Gilmour's Matt Mihalik, Chardon's Joe Madsen, Chardon's Isaiah Charlton; fourth row: Harvey's Mickey Mohner; Kenston's Dreadless Stubs, Perry's Vinny Hokavar, Mayfield's Ashante Williams; back row: Brush's Mike Gritz, Euclid's Howard Drake, West Geauga's Robbie LaRiccia, South's Patrick Nicely.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

News-Herald high school football preview covers from the past 10 years: 2006

The poker craze that swept America hits area football ranks. From left, the West Geauga Wolverine, the Mentor Cardinal, the Lake Catholic Cougar (with the dealer strategically placed between the two), the Perry Pirate, the Riverside Beaver and the Mayfield Wildcat.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

News-Herald high school football preview covers from the past 10 years: 2005

Euclid linebacker Thaddeus Gibson, who went on to play at Ohio State. The Panthers finished 7-4 that season. They shared the Lake Erie League title with Shaker Heights and Mentor and lost to Glenville in a Division I playoff opener.

Monday, August 18, 2014

News-Herald high school football preview covers from the past 10 years: 2004

Chardon linemen Gary Schussler and David White. The Hilltoppers finished 7-3 that season. They fell to South, 32-13, in a winner-take-all Week 10 game for the Premier Athletic Conference title.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

News-Herald Senior Bowl record book

Overall victories
Blue: 2 (2011-12)
White: 2 (2013-14)
Largest margin of victory: 16 points (2012)
Smallest margin of victory: 2 points (2011)
Most first downs (team): White 19 (2011)
Most rushing yards (team): White 194 (2013)
Most passing yards (team): Blue 296 (2012)
Most combined yards (team): Blue 385 (2011)
Most penalties (team): Blue 14 (2011)
Most points scored in a game (teams combined): 54 (2011)
Most points scored in a game (team): Blue 28 (2011)
Most points scored in a half (team): Blue 20 (2012)
Most points scored in a quarter (team): Blue 14 (2011-12)
Most passing yards (individual): George Gresko, North 296 (2012)
Most passing touchdowns in a game (individual): Ray Russ, South/George Gresko, North 3 (2011/12)
Most rushing yards (individual): Juwan Ford, Euclid, 134 (2013)
Most rushing touchdowns (individual): Juwan Ford, Euclid, 2 (2013)
Most receiving yards (individual): Rob Johnson, Brush, 136 (2011)
Most receiving touchdowns (individual): Aaron Lindgren, South/Joe Ziccardi, West Geauga 2 (2011-12)
Most carries (individual): Juwan Ford, Euclid, 24 (2013)
Most receptions (individual): Rob Johnson, Brush, 7 (2011)
Most pass completions (individual): George Gresko, North, 17 (2012)
Most pass completions (team): Blue 17 (2012)
Longest touchdown: 40 yards (Clinton James, VASJ pass from Tim Porter, Chagrin Falls) (2011)
Longest reception (individual): Aaron Lindgren, South 72 yards (2011)
Longest pass completion (individual): Ray Russ, South 72 yards (2011)
Longest field goal: Kresimir Ivkovic, Lake Catholic, 42 yards (2011)
Most field goals made: Kresimir Ivkovic, Lake Catholic 2 (2011)
Most extra points made: Dom Tremaglio, Riverside 3 (2011)

Monday, June 2, 2014

North Chagrin Reservation fitness trail gets needed improvements

The fitness trail stations at Cleveland Metroparks' North Chagrin Reservation have been receiving some much-needed attention in recent weeks.

The wood chips around several of the stations had worn away to the point that the dirt turned into mud every time it rained, making the equipment unusable for days at time unless you had a good pair of boots. An enterprising exerciser even put down some sticks near the parallel bars as a makeshift bridge.

But it's all good now. The dirt areas have been filled in so water has a chance to run off instead of pooling up.

Also, the chin-up bar was raised about a foot. Previously, anyone 5-foot-10 or taller could grab the bar without leaving the ground, thus taking the pull out of pull-up.

Props to the Metroparks for fixing things up.

-- Howard Primer