Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Bottom Five: Anguilla

All the glamour goes to Spain, Holland, Brazil, etc., and rightfully so. But what about life at the bottom of the world rankings? In a five-part series, Staff Writer Chris Lillstrung looks at the five international soccer teams at the bottom of the FIFA rankings.


Manager: Colin Johnson
Notable players abroad: None
What’s so bad: Unlike San Marino, which was profiled last week, Anguilla hasn’t won only one match all-time. That seems good, but not by much. All-time, the Caribbean nation is 3-16-1 with wins over the British Virgin Islands, Montserrat and Saint Kitts and Nevis. They haven’t won a match since 2003, and their all-time goal differential is minus-81. It doesn’t help that their away jerseys, which albeit aren’t often used, are hideous. Red socks, sky-blue shorts and jerseys with a gold ring on each sleeve. Look out Croatia in the race for ugliest jersey in international soccer.
What’s good: The good news is, when duty has called, players have answered. Professionals on Anguilla are sparse, but the country has a sizeable population of ex-pats in England, many of whom play in the lower divisions of English soccer. Johnson appears to have a good network to put together a squad between Anguillan players from the United States and England the next time they’re needed. The other good news is the oceanfront views are absolutely stunning (See?).


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