Tuesday, March 13, 2012

If the BCS ran college basketball

What would happen if the NCAA handed Selection Sunday over to the Bowl Championship Series? It would be horrible. Besides that, here's a look at the projected matchups:

April 16: Rose Bowl, Michigan State (Big Ten tournament champion) vs. Colorado (Pac-12 tournament champion)
April 16: Fiesta Bowl, Missouri (Big 12 tournament champion) vs. North Carolina (at-large)
April 17: Sugar, Ohio State (at-large) vs. Wichita State (non-AQ in top 12 of RPI)
April 18: Orange, Florida State (ACC tournament champion) vs. Louisville (Big East tournament champion)
April 23: BCS national championship, Kentucky (RPI No. 1) vs. Syracuse (RPI No. 2)

The Sugar Bowl would have an intriguing decision. If this was football, it would most likely take the next SEC team. In this case, it would be Vanderbilt, which isn't much of a draw compared with other choices. Duke probably would have been preferred,  but there are already two ACC teams in the BCS field (the Fiesta Bowl had first crack at the at-larges this season, and I think it would have taken North Carolina). That leaves Ohio State and Kansas as the most attractive at-large teams, and Big Ten schools almost always have a bigger national profile - see Michigan in this year's Sugar Bowl.

- Howard Primer


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