Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Video interviews are an important part of the job

Our philosophy here at The News-Herald is digital first and print forever.
Over the years, our jobs have evolved into not just writing stories for the newspaper. We tweet, blog, post stories to the web and also do videos.
At the end of games, my responsibility is to do a video with preferably a competitor from the winning team in our coverage area.
Some athletes like to do videos while others loathe it.
I myself think it's a great addition to our print version of the story.
In fact, I believe it helps tell the story. It puts a face to a name. It allows the viewer to see the contest through the eyes of a reporter.
When I first started doing videos, I wasn't sure what to tape. The camera is kind of small and shooting plays on a football field for example doesn't make a big impact in a little video.
It's the player interviews that I think really make a difference.
For example, at the end of a volleyball game, I may interview an athlete who had the most kills on the team. I may interview a team captain, the libero or someone who really stood out on the court.
It's always exciting to hear what they have to say. In a few minutes or less, they are able to sum up an entire game in their own words. It's like listening to a mini story.
Honestly, it helps me write a better story because the athlete's perspective is so important.
If you are an athlete and you are asked to do a video interview, thank you in advance for taking the time to do it.
You are helping reporters breathe live into our stories.
We are grateful for your time.

-Theresa Neuhoff Audia


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