Monday, October 29, 2012

World's most expensive hoodie?

On Sunday, I got the chance to see the Browns win in person for the first time since 2007, 7-6 over the Chargers. One of my buddies and I were two of the brave souls/gluttons for punishment who stayed until the bitter end amid the monsoon that enveloped Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Watching a Browns win was gift enough, but considering the weather conditions faced I think I deserve one shot at creative license.

Walking to our seats, I happened to glance over at the Browns' merchandise counter, with its normal assortment of hats, t-shirts, etc.

Granted, it's a live event, not a trip to the store, so prices will inevitably be higher. But this one I could not believe: There was a gray Browns hoodie, with what appeared to be a price tag of $86. Eighty ... six ... dollars.

Does the hoodie have hidden robotic arms that can make you breakfast every morning? It better if you're charging $86 for it, when it's no secret you can go online or to a local store and get a similar Browns hoodie for around $40 or maybe less.

Part of it must be based on demand, because there was indeed a line at the merchandise counter. But I'm guessing, with all due respect, the hoodie wasn't exactly flying off the shelves for that price.

That aside, go Browns.

- Chris Lillstrung | @CLillstrungNH


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