Wednesday, January 23, 2013

High school athletes are gracious when doing video interviews

I need to take a timeout and thank all of the high school athletes who have done video interviews with me.
In the past few years, I haven't had a single athlete turn me down for an interview. Coaches are a little different. One of the first things they'll say when you go to interview them after a game is: "You aren't going to video tape me are you?"
After hearing that pretty often, I chose to stick with shooting the athletes.
It doesn't matter what sport, it doesn't matter how cold, rainy or hot it is outside. Athletes are gracious.
The interviews they do are important because their perspectives breathe life into stories. They often have very insightful things to say. Most of the time.
Sometimes, you'll get an athlete who clams up and has no idea what to say.
When that happens, I usually stop doing the video, give them a pep talk and tell them to "wing it" and start over again.
For the most part, it works.
The video helps me write a better story because during the interview, athletes often answer a lot of questions I have.
- How were you able to rally?
- What was the difference for you in the fourth quarter?
- How has your team come together this season?
Plus, a lot of other questions floating around in my head.
So the next time you see me at a game with a flip cam in hand, please know ahead of time I appreciate you taking the time to do an interview with me.
Thank you.

-Theresa Neuhoff Audia


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