Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Badness

As we approach the conference tournaments and Selection Sunday, there will be plenty of chatter - just like always - about who belongs in the NCAA tournament and who has the best resume.

Here's a curve ball: Which Division I teams have the least impressive resumes? Which schools deserve some good karma after an extremely rough campaign?

So out of curiosity, I wanted to see which D-I teams have the worst overall won-loss records in the country, and unfortunately there's a lot of places out there due for pleasant fortunes:

Grambling 0-27; Maryland-Eastern Shore 2-23; Binghamton 3-25; Lamar 3-26; Kennesaw State 3-27; Louisiana-Monroe 4-21

Weber State 0-27; Jacksonville State 1-27; Alcorn State 2-25; North Carolina Central 2-25; St. Peter's 2-26; UNC-Asheville 2-27; New Orleans 3-23; UNC-Wilmington 3-23; Kent State 3-24; Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 3-24; Wagner 3-25; Lipscomb 3-26; Massachusetts 3-26; Columbia 4-21;
Southern Illinois 4-22; Air Force 4-23; Chicago State 4-23; Maine 4-24; Oregon 4-25

The three on that list with one or no wins this year, you've got to feel bad for those teams. It's not like those kids show up on campus wanting to struggle that much.

Hopefully next year, some of those teams will find their way into a March Madness conversation instead of as far away from one as you can possibly get.

- Chris Lillstrung | @CLillstrungNH


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