Friday, April 12, 2013

College basketball wish list

Coming off an awesome NCAA championship game, here's my wish list for college basketball going into next season:

-- More Dan Dakich, Seth Greenberg and Bruce Pearl on TV. Selfishly, I hope none of them goes back into coaching. They're good, personable analysts.

-- Fewer stoppages in play. Cutting timeouts, letting a team's called timeout stand as a media timeout, streamlining video reviews, whatever it takes.

-- More variety in styles of offense. Most experts call for a shorter shot clock and legislating more freedom of movement for offensive players. That's all cool. I just don't want to flip through the three or four games in the 7 p.m. window and feel like I'm watching the same game on each channel. Not every team has to play like Florida Gulf Coast's Dunk City, but it shouldn't take until March to see a team play like that, either.

- Howard Primer


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