Friday, October 11, 2013

'Football people' and the college playoff committee

After hearing ESPN's David Pollack and ex-Auburn coach Pat Dye talk about how only those with football experience should be on the committee to pick the four teams in the upcoming College Football Playoff, I wish we could do an experiment.

We'd have two groups of people, both charged with seeding schools 1 through 4.

Group 1: "Football people." I put that in quotes because it seems like the only people qualified to identify "football people" are "football people." As Dye said, "You've got to play with your hand in the dirt."

Group 2: A half-dozen or so people pulled off jury duty at random before the weekend of the conference championship games. They would be given hotel accommodations, a conference room, whatever technology they needed and a deadline to turn in a four-team bracket.

Here's my question: Would Group 2's bracket be any different than Group 1's? If so, would it be so different you couldn't rationalize the selections?

I say no, for this reason: This isn't complicated. It's not as if we're trying to get the government up and running. As long as Congress isn't involved, getting the best four teams into a playoff can be done, even if a non "football person" is on the committee. At some point, it will come down to a matter of opinions, and I don't think breaking down a play with X's and O's would be the difference-maker in seeding.

You might argue that only "football people" know what's best. But "football people" have been doing it their way for decades. How's that going?
 -- Howard Primer


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