Friday, September 5, 2014

TV networks need to pressure MLB to shorten games

For all the things television networks control in sports, I wish they would enforce their will on the length of baseball games.

For example:

On Sept. 2, the Tigers beat the Indians, 4-2, in a nine-inning game that lasted 3 hours, 52 minutes.

On Sept. 3, the Indians beat the Tigers, 7-0, also in nine innings, but in 2:37.

The latter worked out a lot better for the Indians. But also for fans who didn't spend an extra 75 minutes waiting for something to happen.

Networks decide what time games start, which games are broadcast and, in the case of college football bowls, what games happen.

If the TV executives can do all the above, they should also be able to tell their Major League Baseball counterparts: "Quit the excessive mound timeouts, get in the batter's box, and get your time of game down from 3:08."

- Howard Primer


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