Sunday, December 14, 2014

How a consolidated eastern Geauga high school's enrollment compares for athletics

The latest consolidation proposal for school districts in Geauga County features Berkshire, Cardinal, Ledgemont and Newbury forming one school on the Kent State-Geauga campus.

Where would this put the new school in the Ohio High School Athletic Association enrollment figures? Let’s take a look.

These numbers are based on the OHSAA’s 2013-14/2014-15 enrollment figures (the competitive-balance plan will be implemented for 2016-17).

If the new school was in session this year, its OHSAA figures would be 474 boys and 441 girls, 915 total. It would be in Division II for football and Division I for everything else.

Here’s where that fits in with some comparable schools:

Geneva 647

West Geauga 675

Kenston 758

Aurora 787

Chardon 792

Madison 863

Bedford 906

Eastern Geauga consolidated 915

Mayfield 1,067

Painesville Riverside 1,067

Eastlake North 1,074

Brush 1,093

Willoughby South 1,111

No word on what the school would be called. But here’s to hoping the nickname would be Maple Leafs, as it was for Burton High back in the day.

Another issue would be how conference lineups would be affected. The new-look CVC would lose Berkshire and Cardinal, and the NAC would lose Ledgemont and Newbury.

Beyond that, it's all speculation. The new-look CVC and Western Reserve don't even start until 2015-16.

-- Howard Primer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This will not happen. Because there would no longer be a need for three superintendents,principals,asst. principals,Etc Since those are the people who will be making the decision, this is not going to happen. They will talk but in the end they are not looking out for what is best. Just what is best for them selves.

December 15, 2014 at 11:19 AM 

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