Thursday, February 17, 2011

BCS trouble brewing

Mark Podolski

An interesting story is developing in the desert and it could land the BCS in big-time trouble.

On Monday, Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker, one of the most powerful bowl executives, was put on leave while an investigation into alleged illegal political contributions among the Fiesta Bowl staff is looked into.

The charges against Junker stem from allegations of Fiesta employees being "encouraged" to make political contributions, then be reimbursed with bonus checks through the bowl. That's a huge no-no. The actions, if true, would violate state and federal laws. Non-profit organizations can't make political contributions.

If the charges are found true, this could be a major blow to the BCS, which is comprised of the Fiesta, Rose, Sugar and Orange Bowls. The BCS bowl games, it is well-known, are not competitors with each other, rather partners. Critics say the BCS bowls act like a cartel.

Let's hope the three other BCS bowls don't operate the way the Fiesta is accused, just for the simple fact it's not right. If Junker and the Fiesta are found guilty, hopefully that's the end of it and the BCS can move on.

If it's not, it could lead to the eventual end of the BCS and a college football playoff.


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