Sunday, March 6, 2011

High school gymnasts tough, determined

By Mark Podolski

I will never, ever, try to imagine what it's like to be a high school gymnast.

The acrobatics these athletes perform is impressive, but dangerous. Any gymnast will admit one mistake, and it's over. Worse yet, an injury could be waiting.

That, in itself, makes me marvel at some of the area gymnasts I've covered through the years. This year, however, seems the most impressive.

Starting last week, when Mentor's team made it out of district, and then placed fourth at the state meet on Friday, the Cardinals did so because they were able to overcome injuries throughout the lineup.

The same is true about Riverside senior Maria Salvia, who won the state championship on the beam on Saturday. Salvia said she has competed for most of the season with a herniated disc in her back.

Gymnasts are determined and tough. It showed this postseason.



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