Monday, February 21, 2011

Mentor-St. Edward: The Aftermath

The classic shootout Saturday night between St. Edward and Mentor, won by the Eagles, 108-105, was one of those games that was hard to properly explain in a 700-word game story written on deadline.

Upon further review, here are some extra thoughts:

- The teams are getting bashed for playing no defense, but as St. Edward coach Eric Flannery said after the game, "It's not like there was no defense being played, it's just that you had two explosive offenses that were making plays." Anyone who blasts either team for being horrible defensively doesn't quite get "it" in my opinion.

- On Saturday, I watched a game in which 213 points were scored. On Friday, I watched Perry beat Harvey, 43-42. In no way is this a knock on the Pirates or Red Raiders, but it is amazing how two games in less than 48 hours could be so different.

- There are teams - solid teams - in the area that would give anything to get to double digits in 3-pointers made in a game. The Cardinals hit 18 3-pointers on Saturday and STILL lost. That is a scenario that probably will not happen again anytime soon.

- I think Brush is a talented team, and the other 12 teams at the Division I Euclid District certainly deserve a fair amount of respect. However, truth be told, none of those teams could have scored basket for basket with Mentor on Saturday, and if the Cardinals have that kind of offensive showing or intensity, the district title is all but determined right now.

- Something tells me, and I don't know what is going to happen between now and March 19, but if Mentor and St. Edward play in the Division I regional final at Cleveland State, it won't be that high scoring again. It won't be in the 50s, but I wonder how many adjustments will be made.

So much more to discuss, you as fans will just have to find a game film and draw your own conclusions.

What a shame that wasn't a game on local TV.

- Bill Tilton


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