Saturday, April 9, 2011

Loving the Frozen Four championship game

The championship game of the Frozen Four is one of my favorite sporting events to watch every year.

This year's college hockey final pitted Michigan vs. Minnesota Duluth. I was rooting for the Wolverines because I respect their coach, Red Berenson, and their hockey program.

That's not the reason why I so glued to my TV on Saturday night. The beauty of the Stanley Cup playoffs is wishing and hoping for a Game 7. When it happens, it's must-watch sports viewing. It's even better if that Game 7 goes to overtime. Game 7s and hockey are something special.

When it comes to the college hockey national championship, fans never have to wish or hope for a Game 7. It's Game 7 every season come the national championship game. Best-of-seven series don't exist in the NCAA tournament, and that's a good thing.

As 1980 U.S. hockey coach Herb Brooks, played by Kurt Russel in the movie, "Miracle," said: "One game. This is your time."

Michigan and Minnesota Duluth played like it on Saturday night. It was winner takes all. There wasn't a seven-game series to collect yourself. It was one chance to be ready, one chance to take home the trophy.  It's the way it should be in every sport.

- Mark Podolski


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