Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kentucky deserves some credit, too

I've heard it all over the past week.

Ohio State choked in its 2-point loss to Kentucky in a regional semifinal in Newark, N.J.

The Buckeyes came into the game too cocky. That's why they lost.

OSU believed all the press they were getting and didn't respect the Wildcats.

I mean, seriously. Are those legitimate excuses? Only for Ohio State fans.

Hey Buckeye fans, the other team is trying to win, too. Maybe a little credit their direction is in order.

While it's true the Buckeyes shot only 31 percent in the Sweet 16 loss to Kentucky, the Wildcats' defense has a lot to do with that. There weren't many shots Ohio State took where a hand wasn't in the face of the OSU shooter.

Kentucky was able to get just good enough of a performance from Josh Harrellson in a head-to-head matchup with OSU's Jared Sullinger to allow the other defenders to stay close to OSU's shooters.

The young Wildcats did not let the pressure of playing against the tournament's top overall seed get to them.

Was it Ohio State's best game of the season? No. But that happens in basketball, and when it does, at least some credit should go to the winning team for taking the losing team out of its game.

To say the only reason Ohio State lost to Kentucky was because the Buckeyes came into the game too cocky and overconfident cheapens the performance put forth by the Wildcats.

- John Kampf


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