Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What about track athletes who don't get noticed?

There are many times when I go to a track meet and see kids that I never have the opportunity to talk to.
The reason is because I'm so busy tracking down the winners of relays and individual events. That leaves little time to find kids who finished runner-up and third.
But those kids are just as important.
Track is a team sport. Every point matters no matter if it's 10 or one. The points totaled account for the team score.
So why do the kids who often score just a handful of points keep coming to practice day after day? Why do they compete in meet after meet?
That's what I'd like to know.
I'm going to be writing a column about this very topic this week.
If you are an athlete who fits this description, I'd like to hear from you. Please e-mail me at

-Theresa Neuhoff Audia



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