Sunday, September 25, 2011

Strep throat tough to beat

Fortunately for Peyton Hillis, the Browns found a way to beat the Dolphins on Sunday.

Otherwise, the Browns running back might have been the whipping boy for another loss at home. He shouldn't be questioned for missing Sunday's game.

If you have ever endured a case of strep throat, you know what I'm talking about.

I would call myself a veteran of step throat. I've had it so many times as a kid and adult, I can't remember. It seems as if every winter, strep throat was hunting me down.

Back to Hillis and strep throat, who some think it's simply a case of a sore throat. No, no, no. Strep throat is having the flu, times five, at least from my perspective. It can knock you down and out for days, making going to the bathroom or getting a drink of water a real chore.

For Hillis and the Browns, it was a case of bad luck. Strep throat is tough to beat and it can knock out even the toughest guys like Hillis when it grabs you.

Fortunately for Hillis, everything worked out. Had the Browns lost, it would not have been fair to pin it on Hillis.

- Mark Podolski


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