Monday, November 14, 2011

Things to do instead of watching NBA this winter

Doesn't sound good for NBA basketball any time soon. Some Cavs fans would argue that we didn't have NBA quality basketball in town last year, so what's the difference?

The owners don't want to budge and neither do the players. What's a few billion dollars between friends, huh?

If there is no NBA season, here are some suggestions on other things to do for those of you who aren't exactly heartbroken that the Association will be dormant.

- Take seven extra months to complain about the Browns

- Pay attention to the Cleveland State men's basketball team, the Vikings have earned it

- Reorganize your sock drawer

- Read the new ESPN book, if you start before Christmas you will almost be done before the NBA Finals would have concluded in June

- Take your talents - and your children - to South Beach and show LBJ what it's like to be on vacation instead of unemployed

There are plenty of options that can occupy the missing NBA season.

No crying for pro roundball from this corner.

- Bill Tilton
Twitter: @NHPreps


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