Sunday, January 29, 2012

Court vision

When you flip through the channels in search of a basketball game, chances are you're not tuning in with great interest or have your choice swayed because of the logo at center court.

That said, is it really necessary for some college and NBA teams to commit a crime against hardwood and parquet by splashing a HUGE logo that takes away from your viewing enjoyment?

For example...

And probably the most blatant ever...

First of all that NCAA one, prominent during March Madness in recent years, looks like kindergartners had a painting class featuring the color blue, and when they were told to clean up the mess they thought that meant wiping the blue paint as far across the court as they could.

That Jayhawk at center court at Kansas is bigger than the total land mass of Andorra.

The eyes of Texas are upon that logo at Texas A&M because viewers can't tell if the point guard bringing the ball up the court is in Houston or Galveston.

And that Oregon logo? I can't tell if someone brought in an industrial-size eraser and didn't finish the job or if the depths opened up. So that's what happened to that West Wyoming A&M State-Yosemite Branch team that went there for a nonconference game earlier this year. It all makes sense now.

Seriously, folks, what is the thought process here? Is there some genius in the marketing department that thinks, "You know, I think people will tune in to watch us play, and they'll be so overwhelmed by the size of our logo and pride we show for our school that they'll drive here in droves."?

I'm amazed with these wild court designs - and certainly not just the examples above, mind you - that players don't have a difficult time in some instances distinguishing baselines, 3-point lines, where the exit might be - the important stuff.

Bottom line: A small, old-fashioned varsity block letter never hurt anything. These logos hurt your enjoyment, not to mention your eyes. Take it down a notch.

- Chris Lillstrung


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