Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter blues at the gym

This lousy weather is tough to beat.

In some cases, not even the gym can cure the winter time blues.

As I get older, exercising becomes more of a priority, and for good reason. Keeping the pounds off gets more difficult as the years pass.

This time of the year is by far the most difficult to keep up the pace at the gym. The mood outside (snow, gray skies, bitter cold, high winds) can have a peculiar affect on our psyche.

If it's lousy outside, in a lot of cases you feel lousy. If it's picture perfect outside, in a lot of cases you feel great.

The trick for me is getting over that mental block. During the winter, half the battle is making the trek to the gym, but when I get there, putting the work in is a must.

It's been said the best workout a person can put in is the one when he or she's heart isn't into it. In my case, workouts at this time of the year are a perfect example of that.

Keep grinding, I say.

- Mark Podolski | @mpodo


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