Friday, May 11, 2012

Indians have identity crisis with uniforms

The Indians won't soon be confused with the University of Oregon football team when it comes to uniforms, but they have plenty of variety.
They have blue hats and red hats. They have hats with Chief Wahoo and hats with the block C.
They have home jerseys with script Indians, and other home jerseys with block Indians.
They have road gray jerseys with block Cleveland, and they have blue jerseys with script Indians they wear at home and on the road.
They could go five straight games without wearing the same uniform combinations. For example, they could wear their weekend/holiday cream uniforms, with red hats, for a Sunday game at Progressive Field. They could wear their normal home whites on Monday, followed by their blue jerseys and white pants on Tuesday. Then they could hit the road and wear all gray on Wednesday, followed by blue jerseys and gray pants on Thursday.

The picture above shows the five combinations (left to right, Associated Press photos):
-- Travis Hafner in the regular home white uniform. The script Indians has been tinkered with over the years. This year, it's more simplistic without as much outlining.
-- Asdrubal Cabrera in the weekend/special event cream uniform. Mr. Blackwell might not approve of the red belt and black shoes.
-- Chris Perez in the blue jersey and white pants. They usually wear this combination for Tuesday home games.
-- Ubaldo Jimenez in the road grays.
-- Shin-Soo Choo in the blue jersey and gray pants.
Teams are usually identified by their style of play or by prominent players and managers/coaches, and not their uniforms. In the Indians' case, that's good. Otherwise, they would be hard to identify.

- Howard Primer


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