Tuesday, June 19, 2012

N-H Senior Bowl tidbits

The first practice for the 2012 News-Herald Senior Bowl could not have went any better.

The Blue and the White teams had almost maximum turnout, and it appears the game on June 22 is going to be a great matchup.

Last year, there were a lot of players who did not show up or decided not to play after committing to the game causing some anxious moments and low numbers. That is not the case here in 2012, which will only add to the strength of the event.

Some great individual plays in practice, good weather, avoided the rain. ALL GOOD!

Gonna be hot Tuesday and Wednesday, but the coaches and trainers are on top of it and safety will be the No. 1 concern.

Can't wait for Friday. The players and coaches share my enthusiasm and the fans of football in Northeast Ohio will be the beneficiaries.

Kickoff is 7 p.m. at the JTO! Where will you be?

- BTilton@News-Herald.com


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