Friday, July 27, 2012

Gotham Rogues gear, at Gotham City prices

We know at least one thing about the Rogues, Gotham City's pro football franchise in "The Dark Knight Rises" -- they have a good return team.

The Rogues brought back a kickoff for a touchdown to thwart the cover team of their opponents from Rapid City.

Without giving too much away, that's about all we know of the Rogues' game plan because that's the only play that occurs in the movie.

For football and Batman fans who want to adopt the Rogues as their favorite team, Under Armour is selling Rogues gear.

It appears inflation has hit Gotham, because a T-shirt is $39.99, and a fleece shirt is $69.99.

If it wasn't for those prices, I'd considered getting a T-shirt. But at that cost, it better come with a cape and a grapple gun so I can leap from building to building.

-- Howard Primer


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