Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Coaches like Richmond Height's William Cloud are invaluable

A few weeks ago, someone sent me a tweet to let me know Richmond Heights girls basketball coach William Cloud had turned in his resignation.
I called Cloud to get his side of the story, but I could not reach him. I then called Richmond Heights Superintendent Dr. Robert Moore who confirmed Cloud had turned in his resignation.
I wrote some thing short for the following day's paper, and honestly, I was disappointed when I wrote the story.
Cloud was in his first year last season as the head coach of the Spartans. Whenever I went to their practices or games, it was obvious he cared a great deal for the kids and the kids felt the same way about him.
That is why it didn't surprise me when Cloud told me today he withdrew his resignation. He decided to come back one more year because he could not let his players down.
Cloud is an assistant security guard at Richmond Height and whenever his players saw him (after he turned in his resignation), they begged him to return. Their pleas worked.
Mostly, because Cloud has a big heart. Also, Cloud is committed to making a difference at Richmond Heights.
He is in his fourth year as the school's football coach and during that span, the Spartans have won just two games. This fall, when I went to the school to do a preview on the football team, Cloud explained to me the kids were finally starting to get what he was teaching them. He felt he was reaching them, and even though the Spartans haven't been successful, they are better people for how they've dealt with a rough situation at Richmond Heights.
It is obvious Cloud cares.
He is the kind of coach you wish would win because he so deserves it. He's the kind of coach you admire for sticking with it year after year through one awful season after another.
When I asked him if he was returning to coach the football team next year, Cloud said he was undecided. Honestly, I wouldn't blame him if he didn't return to either program. There is only so much one person can take.
For now, the Spartans should enjoy having Cloud at the helm.
He is a good coach, but more importantly, he is a good person and someone who strives to make a difference in his little corner of the world.

-Theresa Neuhoff Audia

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