Friday, September 28, 2012

It's settled: The 400 is a dash

Oh, the things we debate about in the newsroom.

The past couple track and field seasons, the big question has been: "Is the 400 meters a run or a dash?"

To settle it once and for all, I asked the two foremost authorities in the area on the 400, Robert Smith and Jessica Beard.

Both Euclid graduates, Smith holds the area boys high school record with a time of 46.41 seconds, set in 1989. Beard, an Olympic hopeful after a championship career at Texas A&M,  is the state prep record holder with a 51.63, set in 2007.

 Here's what they said:

Dash it is. Beard added:

There is a third side to the debate. As a copy editor, I would argue the 400 is neither. On first reference, it's 400 meters. Thereafter, it can be 400. Further description isn't needed.

- Howard Primer


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