Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Players must take personal responsibility and stay in shape

It's early in the girls basketball season, but I've noticed a trend I'm a little disappointed with.
It seems like some teams are not nearly as conditioned as I thought they would be in their opening games.
Without proper conditioning, teams suffer. It's obvious when girls are sucking wind at the halftime they did not prepare properly for the start of the season.
I understand some girls are making the transition from fall sports to winter sports and that is not easy. But for the girls who did not compete in a sport in the fall, conditioning should not be a struggle.
It not only puts you behind, it puts the entire team behind.
It is not a coach's responsibility to make sure their kids are properly in shape heading into a season. Sure, they have open gyms, conditioning, weight lifting sessions and more, but ultimately, the player must take personal responsibility for herself and make sure she can run in a game for the full 32 minutes.
In a few games I've covered, it appears several players have not put in the time to make themselves better.
I realize teenagers are pulled in many directions today. There are job commitments, family commitments and personal commitments.
But when you make a commitment to be a part of the team, you should bring your best self to the table. You should be ready to go in game one. Not midway through the season when your team is already off to a poor start.
To the girls that have properly prepared, I give you credit. Nice job. You have not only helped yourselves, but also your teammates. You have put yourself in the proper position to be successful.
Training is not easy.
That's why not everyone does it.
But it does pay off and it does matter.
Even in the offseason when no one is looking.

-Theresa Neuhoff Audia


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