Sunday, January 27, 2013

Super Bowl prop bets list fascinating

It never fails to amaze just how intricate the prop bets are for the Super Bowl.

If you want to lay money down on it, chances are you can.

I found a full list of what are called "exotic bets" here and just could not believe it.

Among the highlights:

Will Alicia Keys be booed during or after for her rendition of the national anthem? (5/1 Yes)

What will be the predominant color of Beyonce's top at the start of the halftime show? (A black top is the favorite at 9/4)

What color will the liquid be that's dumped on the winning coach? (Clear is 7/4, with orange and yellow each at 5/2)

There's also apparently combination bets, such as golfers' scores and combined goal totals for English Premier League teams.

Obviously, anything actually involving the game can be wagered upon as well.

These exotic bets, though, are fascinating.

I say Beyonce should throw a curve ball, mess with the oddsmakers and wear a top that's such an obscure color no one wins any money on it.

- Chris Lillstrung | @CLillstrungNH


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