Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Getting back into the gym is not an easy process

I spoiled myself this spring and summer.
For the past few months, I've been running outside four to five times a week. It was such a treat to put my gear on, walk out my back door, run to the beach and back home.
There was no packing up my gym bag, packing up a lunch or packing up a change of clothes.
I simply went on a run and didn't worry about anything.
Now that the weather is starting to get cold and dreary, it's time for me to head back inside to the gym. It's not easy after you are used to running in the fresh air and sun with a beautiful destination like a beach to go to.
But it's back to reality for me.
For the first time in months, I returned to the gym today.
It was good to see some old friends. The workout room had even been painted and updated. The machines were in their usual spot with a few televisions in sight to pass the time.
But it's just not the same.
It's going to take me a while to get back into the swing of things.
If I look on the bright side, it's probably good to switch up my workout routine. I had been running so much my hamstrings started to hurt so it's probably time for a rest.
It's good to change up your workout routine not only to avoid injuries, but to keep your body guessing so that it doesn't complacent.
I realize this is probably a "first world pain" like the famous twitter account so I really shouldn't be complaining.
I should be happy that I am healthy enough to even workout whether it be inside or outside.
So from here on out, I'll embrace my time in the gym. Working out is an endless battle that I look forward to no matter what the weather conditions.

-Theresa Neuhoff Audia


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