Sunday, May 25, 2014

Draft fever hits Cleveland

A former colleague once jokingly wanted to headline a story about college prospects the Cavaliers were scouting with “Nothing like a cool, refreshing draft.”

While it had nothing to do with the story, it is true about being a fan in Cleveland these days. If you’re on the North Coast and you like sports drafts, this is like putting on a brand-new Johnny Football T-shirt: Cool and refreshing.

No rest for the NFL-draft weary, though. Even though we just finished four months of draft anticipation/excitement/aftermath, it’s time for more.

Just over a week after the Browns drafted cornerback Justin Gilbert and a quarterback from Texas A&M whose jersey you might already have, the Cavaliers won the NBA draft lottery.

So it’s on to debating Andrew Wiggins vs. Jabari Parker vs. Joel Embiid. A couple differences to note about the NBA draft:

— It’s only a month away.

— The draft is over in one night.

Everything about the NFL draft this year, from the star power to the TV ratings, indicates fans can’t get enough, even at three days. But I’ll take the compact NBA version.

Either way, if you like sports drafts, Cleveland is a good place to be this year.

By the way, the Major Leauge Baseball draft starts June 5. The Indians' first pick is No. 21.

-- Howard Primer


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