Friday, May 2, 2014

NFL draft: Ready for more?

With the NFL draft occuring two weeks later this year, the TV analysts and Internet pundits have managed to do the seemingly impossible: Find more to talk about relating to this year's prospects.

It's not easy to do, considering they have 11 weeks to fill between the scouting combine and the draft.

But that's one place the NFL deserves credit. It has turned the draft and everything leading up to it into its own entity, basically a second season. It has the regular season/playoffs, then the draft. Add in minicamps and training camp, and pro football is in the news 11 months a year (all 12 if you include court cases).

The draft might be expanded to four days in the future. You might think that's too much. If anything, we might be underestimating its popularity. Because as over-hyped, over-analyzed and over-everything it seems, there's an appetite for it -- imagine if the Browns actually hit on their picks.

-- Howard Primer


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