Saturday, January 29, 2011

National signing day isn't for everyone

On Wednesday, countless high school seniors across the country will hold news conferences and proclaim where they will play college football.

I have a better idea. In this era of social networking, why not just Tweet the decision or post it on Facebook?

It's no wonder so many blue-chip recruits feel a sense of entitlement before they ever step on a college campus. The attention that's shown to them is a tad overblown, to say the least.

I've never been one to buy into the hype of where a can't-miss recruit is heading because no one is a sure thing. I would rather wait, and let a player actually see action in a college game before saying he's the real deal.

My favorite examples are Ohio State's Troy Smith and A.J. Hawk. Fans would be mistaken if they guessed each were "can't-miss recruits" before landing in Columbus.

In case you forgot, the QB recruit to get all the attention in the early 2000s was Justin Zwick. The defensive player to get all the attention in Hawk's recruiting class was Mike D'Andrea.

Hawk was a three-star recruit (out of five), while Smith was brought in by the OSU coaches as an athlete. Hawk became an All-American linebacker. Smith won the 2006 Heisman.

What does this mean? Wednesday is nothing more than hype created by experts and their best guesses as to which players and recruiting classes will pan out.

Let's wait until these guys play a few downs of college football.

- Mark Podolski


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