Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ten in the Morning: Favorite sports venues

By Mark Podolski

Ten in the Morning brings you another list of rankings. The public demands it, I know.

So here we go with one man's top 10 list of his favorite sports venues. (Hey, it's February, the worst sports month of the year):

10. Yost Arena: Tiny facility hosts University of Michigan hockey games. It's a barn, but it's nostalgic.

9. Coors Field: Similar to Progressive (aka Jacobs) Field when it first opened in the 1990s. A great place to watch a ballgame.

8. The old Yankee Stadium: It was a dump, but a sports fan could not deny the history there.

7. Lake Placid Olympic Center ice rink: Where miracles happen. Plus, it's in a beautiful part of the country.

6. Camp Randall Stadium: As rowdy and rocking as any college football stadium.

5. Wrigley Field: The surroundings are almost as good as the old ballpark.

4. Notre Dame Stadium: Touchdown Jesus is awesome.

3. Ohio Stadium: Love the Horseshoe. Love it.

2. The Rose Bowl: If you're a college football fan, you haven't seen it all until you've been to Pasadena, Calif., for the granddaddy.

1. Augusta National Golf Club: I'm convinced there's magic inside.


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