Monday, March 7, 2011

NFL lockout drama has no sympathetic characters

I actually heard one of the former NFL players-turned-talking head say on the radio the other day that it's not Peyton Manning or Tom Brady or multi-millionaires like that we should all be worried about if the owners lock the players out. It is the POOR lower-tier players making $500,000 or so.

If you make $35,000 and live paycheck to paycheck and you get your job taken away, I feel bad for you. If you make $500,000 in one year and then are borrowing money because you didn't have enough sense to not spend like a drunken sailor on St. Patrick's Day, I couldn't care less. In fact, if I didn't love watching the NFL so much, I would root for these equally greedy fat-cat owners to call the players' bluff and wipe out the season. I'd love to see some of these guys get a job as a bartender or lawn care technician for a few hundred bucks per month and then complain about their salary or hold out for a new contract. It is ridiculous and fans are getting sick of it in a hurry.

Not that I think the owners are totally innocent here, either. They have the right to not honor a contract in the NFL, increase ticket sales annually and charge $12 per beer. It's billionaires vs. millionaires. A situation most of us can't relate to. But if I had to side one way, it is with the owners.

Players go out and buy 10 cars and then can't afford the insurance and I should weep for their inability to entertain the masses?

Don't think so, folks. I am not capable of playing in the NFL, and those people aren't capable of living or working in the real world.

- Bill Tilton


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