Monday, April 25, 2011

Two draft picks from one high school class

Seems almost unheard of, but over the next few months, two graduates of 2006 from The News-Herald coverage area are almost certain to be drafted as professional athletes.

How far we have all come.

Lake Catholic grad Ricky Stanzi should be plucked off the board by Friday night as a middle round pick in the NFL Draft. In June, VASJ grad David Lighty should see his name pop up during coverage of the NBA Draft.

That just doesn't happen, folks.

What are the odds, in an area that only has 30 high schools, that in one graduating class, TWO student-athletes would be good enough to reach the pro status?

Think about the great players of the last decade? How many, from the NH area, are going pro? Now, think, how many in one graduating class will do that less than 2 months apart?

Stanzi and Lighty played in the 2006 NH Classic, and now share something much more special as prospective pro athletes.

Hard to imagine we will see something like that in this area again any time soon.

- Bill Tilton


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