Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Memorial Day to remember

You wake up thinking about a cookout and wind up spending the next 15 hours working on The Vest.

Make sense? Probably not.

But in this business, anything is literally possible. That point was driven home on Monday.

I spent my Memorial Day - originally scheduled as a day off to enjoy family and friends and heavily seared meat of any kind - tracking down local reaction to the resignation of Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel.

Complain? Sure, I could, but after 12 years, I understand it comes with the territory. It is the job. The career of a sports writer doesn't get off days. It is what it is. Kind of like being a doctor. Always on call. Sports doesn't take holidays. Breaking news doesn't care about burnt hot dogs or cole slaw.

I got what I needed to get done and my Memorial Day was interesting to say the least.

Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day. It certainly wasn't a holiday for me or my colleagues in the sports department.

No sense in complaining, nobody would listen if I did.

And there are worst things I could think of, that is for sure.

- Bill Tilton


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