Thursday, May 26, 2011

Robert Smith chimes in on OSU scandal

Euclid graduate, former Ohio State running back and now ESPN college football analyst Robert Smith has strong comments about the Jim Tressel scandal amid comments from Ray Small in OSU's student newspaper, The Lantern.

Small told the newspaper, "Everybody does it," as in receiving improper benefits as a Buckeye football player from 2006 to 2010. Small said he sold items such as his Big Ten championship ring for money and received "deals" from a Columbus auto dealer.

On ESPN's College Football Live on Thursday, former Buckeye Malcolm Jenkins came to the defense of Tressel, saying, "Not everyboy does it," as in taking improper benefits, and said it's impossible for Tressel to know what every player within the program is doing.

Smith then chimed in on ESPN, and from his view point, the future of Tressel does not look promising.

"I'm not sure if (Thursday) is the turning point, but the turn has happened," said Smith.

Then, speaking what he feels is the sentiment among Buckeye Nation, Smith added, "I think denial kind of goes to the wayside, and acceptance sets in. That's what Buckeyes fans are facing now."

Smith's issues with the OSU controversy isn't players selling trinkets. It's the leader of the football program using incredibly poor judgement.

"What's the worst for me and what Buckeyes fans see in general is that Coach Tressel had such specific information and he sat on it, and then lied to the NCAA about it. That's the most difficult thing about this to accept and the most significant."

- Mark Podolski


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