Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bridgestone '11 could be something special

Imagine if Tiger Woods lives up to the words he spoke on Tuesday at Firestone Country Club.

Imagine if the former No. 1 golfer in the world actually finds his magic - and stroke - again.

What a brilliant, and memorable Bridgestone Invitational this could be.

Woods talks as if the world was finally right for him on Tuesday after a nine-hole practice round on the South Course. He comes into Firestone - a venue in which he has dominated seven times - with the healthiest body he he has had "in years" and a new caddie.

He finished tied for 78th last year.

He WILL be better this year - rest assured.

Good enough to win it? It's hard to tell.

But if he IS good enough to win it, this could be the most impressive Bridgestone perhaps in history. Especially if:

- Darren Clarke continues his impressive play displayed a few weeks ago when he won the British Open;'

- If the meteoric rise of golf's wonder boy Rory McIlroy hits another peak;

- If Phil Mickelson actually finds a good round on Sunday, which never happens here at Firestone, but one can dream;

- If Martin Kaymer puts together a championship round he did just short of a year ago when he won the PGA Championship; and

- If some others, such as the likable Padraig Harrington, stogie-puffing Miguel Jimenez or fast-riser Jason Day wins.

And consider the hoopla if, just by chance, Woods finds himself paired with Adam Scott on Saturday or Sunday. Imagine THAT cold war between Tiger and former caddie Steve Williams, who is now on the bag for Scott.

The possibilities for a remarkable and memorable Bridgestone are endless.

If Tiger is at or near the top of the leaderboard come Sunday afternoon, it would make it that much more special.

- John Kampf

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