Monday, September 26, 2011

Excessive ridiculousness on celebration rule

So there's a touchdown in the NFL, late in the fourth quarter, that puts the home team on top, and the receiver drops to his knees. Another player comes over and goes to his knees to congratulate the receiver and that constitutes a group celebration. Flag. 15 yard penalty.


Look, I am all for keeping the Terrell Owens circus locked away or any choreographed nonsense that takes 4-5 minutes to complete in the end zone. But referees really need to start using judgment and think about intent when it comes to these celebration penalties.

If two players can't get excited about scoring a game-winning touchdown without showing up the other team, then it's not a competitive, red-blooded sport.

It's now become chess.

Every winning move can only have a small scale mini-clap or head nod lest it be looked at as insensitive and rude behavior toward the opposition? It's football. It should still be fun and emotional without every act of joy resulting in a 15-yard penalty.

Lighten up, NFL.

- Bill Tilton


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