Friday, September 2, 2011

On Jim Thome: Happy, still mad or indifferent?

I missed the pulse of sports fans in Cleveland when the Indians acquired Jim Thome last week.

At first blush, I thought it would make for a nice, five-week nostalgia tour. Thome could tie up some loose ends with his original team on the way to Cooperstown, N.Y., and the Indians can sell a few extra tickets. Everyone wins. If they Indians make the playoffs, even better.

But our web poll for this week showed I was in the minority. The question asked, "Should the Indians consider bringing Jim Thome back in 2012?"

The results: 136 yes to 35 no (80 percent to 20 percent). That's a lot of people who want to see a designated hitter who can barely run and can't play in the field. And the Indians have two of those, including Travis Hafner.

Then there's the group of fans who are still mad at Thome for leaving in the first place.

I must be the only one in the middle. Let Thome tip his cap, hit a couple home runs and ride off into the sunset.

- Howard Primer

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Blogger BAD BIRDY64 BLOG said...

Jim Thome brings class and a bat to a team that needs a boost. Also personally I love to see Jimmy retire in a Cleveland Indians uniform.
Another thing as far as him leaving Cleveland, Jimmy didn't want to do that,It wasn't about more money, is all about 1 more year in his contract, Lets face it,in sports your time is limited and you would want to get as much playing time as you could for a game you love to play.
My Grandfather that passed away loved Jim Thome, so in his words.
Welcome back Jimmy Baby.

September 2, 2011 at 7:24 PM 

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