Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why are athletes hesitant to say they are seeing a psychologist?

NASCAR drive Denny Hamlin is seeing a psychologist.
Why is this news?
Because he has admitted he is seeing a psychologist.
How many athletes seek help and don't admit it?
Why are they afraid to admit it?
Why not come out in the open and admit you need a little help to cope with the problems life hands you?
I can count on one hand athletes who have come out and admitted they've needed help. Those athletes include Delonte West...Delonte West...and, well he's the only one.
So I guess I can't count athletes who have admitted to seeing a psychologist on one hand.
I understand psychological problems are very personal.
I just believe if an athlete has the courage to admit he or she has a problem, it may help motivate a fan, fellow teammate or coach to seek help themselves.
This is a big responsibility, I understand that.
But why not?
I'm not a professional psychologist, just a sports reporter trying to understand why more athletes aren't as brave at Hamlin?
I give him credit.
He has admitted he has a problem, and he's determined to fix it.
He also isn't afraid to let anyone know about it.

-Theresa Neuhoff Audia

Click here to see the complete ESPN article on Denny Hamlin.



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