Monday, November 21, 2011

Some suggestions for the OHSAA

As we enter the state semifinals, here's a few thoughts that will never get heard by the OHSAA but I felt like getting them off my chest anyway.

1. Do a little more due diligence in assigning neutral sites for rounds 2-4. The geography issues are there as well as some problems as far as accommodating the media with wireless, parking, programs,etc. That might not sound like a big deal to the fans, but if we can't do our job, you don't get proper coverage that night or the next day.

2. The Division I regional semis should be played at Browns Stadium. Make it happen, don't make excuses. That eliminates some of the "homefield" advantages and would make for a great doubleheader just like they have in Cincinnati in Region 4.

3. Don't give out passes to every regional director and his 5 kids for the state championship games. The pressboxes look like Laguardia Airport on Thanksgiving. It is more than slightly annoying.

4. TV games are great, but on Fridays with a 7:37 start and TV timeouts, it makes for a long night. How about 7 p.m. start for both nights?

5. Wouldn't statewide box scores and stats be nice? Especially once you get down to the state semis, there are only 12 games left to be covered so why not provide the fans with official numbers from the action? With all the "observers" and hangers-on that graze in the pressbox waiting for bottled water and pizza, maybe one of the OHSAA denizen could grab a pencil and a legal pad and jot down some rushing statistics.

Just a few thoughts.

- BTilton@News-Herald.c0m
Twitter: @NHPreps


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