Monday, February 27, 2012

A time to reflect

I've tried - and been beat up pretty good - in the past to put high school sports in perspective, but if the events of Monday morning at Chardon doesn't do that, nothing will.

On Monday morning, shots were fired reportedly by a lone gunman at Chardon High School and five students were shot - one was confirmed as a fatality, and possibly a second one as of this evening. Wednesday, the Hilltoppers will try to play a sectional semifinal game against Madison at the Division I Euclid District.

Could anything be less important than a basketball game 48 hours away from such a tragedy?

My heart goes out to the players, coaches, students, administrators, teachers and the entire Chardon community in such a horrific, inexplicable time. I just hope if there is a game Wednesday between Madison and Chardon that fans and every one on hand at Euclid High School is respectful to the situation and the participants.

I am usually excited about covering postseason basketball games. This one is a little different for all the wrong reasons.

Prayers for Chardon. Keep everything in perspective, folks.



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