Friday, February 17, 2012

What's so great about Pembroke, Ontario, anyway?

This is a letter to the editor in this week's Sports Illustrated, responding to a story that had some unflattering descriptions of Winnipeg:

"I was shocked that you aimed disparaging commentary at the city of Winnipeg ("Everybody Loves Winnipeg," Jan. 30). Pride in one's hometown is a sentiment that should always be encouraged. I've been to Winnipeg, and I think it's a fine place. Granted, it doesn't have the notoriety of New York City or even Toronto, but it's not exactly Cleveland either.
Ken Shier, Pembroke, Ont."

An unnecessary and unwarranted shot at Cleveland, what's that all aboot? 

Yeah, well, I won't be visiting Pembroke, Ontario, anytime soon, either. Bunch of hosers.

- Howard Primer


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