Monday, February 20, 2012

ANYTHING is possible in Cleveland sports, I guess

These past few weeks have been tough when it comes to listening to sports talk radio in Cleveland, and I have many friends that I greatly respect in the business. The constant jabbering about who the Browns will draft or not draft, sign or not sign, and who will play quarterback in 2012 are certainly hot-button issues. I get that, and don't fault hosts for stirring the pot on what is always a water-cooler topic in this town. RGIII, Matt Flynn, Jason Campbell, Colt McCoy. Who knows, but I am sure it will continue to be over-dissected from now until April 26. The one that has my ears bleeding is all the talk about LeBron James coming back to play for the Cavs. A long shot at best, a hypothetical at worst, and no guarantees Dan Gilbert ever wants to sign another check for King James nor is there any for-sures if he miraculously landed in the city that he stabbed so coldly in the heart a few summers ago. To listen to callers, you would think if 30-year old LBJ came back, it would guarantee a championship - something a 20-year old in-his-prime James couldn't do. Not to mention, if he wins a few titles with the Heat, do you think he would walk away to come back to a city he blatantly does not call home because he is from Akron?? Is it worth a conversation? Yes. Is it worth hours of Fantasyland assumptions and arguing back and forth with the squawk box? No.
LeBron back in a Cavs uniform that many fans burned a few months ago?
It's Cleveland, I guess anything is possible.
However, it is time to listen to NPR or the local polka station just for a break.


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