Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How long will Lin-sanity last?

OK, I'll admit it - the hysteria around the emergence of Jeremy Lin is impressive. It's taken on a life of its own, much like that of Tim Tebow this past NFL season. Let's see how good the 6-foot-3 guard from Harvard, who has taken the NBA and the New York Knicks by storm, does on the second go-around. The guess here is things might be different. In his first few weeks as the savoir of the Knicks, Lin has been amazing. He has diced through defenses for layups, dishing to open teammates when the defense collapses on him on occasion. He has played better than average defense. And when he is left open on the outside, he has knocked down clutch 3-pointers. He has been everything the Knicks - and NBA - has needed. It will be interesting to see how Lin does when all these teams get another chance playing against him. In baseball, rookies and newcomers often have success early on because the opposition doesn't have any scouting report on them. Once teams get a look at them, find their tendencies and strengths, they can formulate a game plan against them. Jeremy Lin HAD no scouting report since he had been strapped to the end of the bench for nearly two years. Now that he has shown some exemplary skills and has given teams some film to work with, the opposition is going to game-plan for him the next time they play the Knicks. THEN it will be Lin's turn to make an adjustment to the adjustments made by the opposing teams. If Jeremy Lin does that and is a sensation on the next go-around against teams he decimated the first time around, then I'll be impressed. Until then, he's just a temporary feel-good story who is subject to the shoe-dropping, just like many others who went from superstar to flash-in-the-pan overnight. - John Kampf JKampf@News-Herald.com


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