Friday, March 30, 2012

The NFL draft is still a month away

Length of the NFL regular season: 17 weeks.
Length of the NFL draft season for teams that don't make the playoffs: About 15 weeks, from early January to late April.
As much as I try to avoid them, the speculation and rumors are impossible to miss.
The NFL draft is a monster, and the only thing bigger is fans' appetite for it. Add in almost four months to let hype expand, and you get a lot of tall tales.
Take Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill. He's moving up the mock draft boards so fast that, at current pace, he might be included in this year's Hall of Fame inductions.
I wish the draft process could be condensed. Move the combine back from mid-February to late March. Then do all the pro days in early to mid-April.
That's not likely to happen. So all I can do is keep counting down the days until the draft - the actual event - takes place. Only one more month to go.
- Howard Primer


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