Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sweet 16 the best

Fans love the weekend of the Elite Eight and the Final Four, but my money is always on the round of the Sweet 16.

Two doubleheaders at the same time on Thursday and Friday only increases the excitement. Any Cinderellas left in the NCAA tournament are there for a reason. It's because they belong. Yes, I'm talking about Ohio University, the lowest remaining seed (No. 13) in the dance.

For the 16 teams that remain, the real tests are Thursday and Friday. Regional semifinals almost always seem to be dogfights, with teams trying to deliver the knockout punch to secure their spot in the game for the gold.

Going from 68 to 16 can be difficult. Going from 16 to 4 is cut throat.

Speaking of the Sweet 16, here are my picks for the entire weekend:


Wisconsin over Syracuse; Ohio State over Cincinnati

Regional final: Ohio State over Wisconsin


North Carolina over Ohio; Kansas over N.C. State

Regional final: Kansas over North Carolina


Kentucky over Indiana; Xavier over Baylor

Regional final: Kentucky over Xavier


Michigan State over Louisville; Marquette over Florida

Regional final: Marquette over Michigan State

- Mark Podolski | @mpodo 


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