Wednesday, June 20, 2012

N-H Senior Bowl tidbits - Day 2

A hot day at the JTO, but a great practice day for the N-H Senior Bowl on Tuesday.

The players were excited and energized and it seems the White team and the Blue team are putting things together well for a great matchup Friday.

Always interesting to watch parents come observe practice, and how excited the players are to get food after practice. Glory Daze Bar and Grille in Wickliffe was a HUGE HIT with the wings they provided. Our sponsors are the best.

The Blue team wants to get a quick pace and a no-huddle attack going it seems. The White team is very talented and big and athletic.

The competitive juices are flowing. Can't wait for Friday.

The N-H Senior Bowl kicks off at 7 pm Friday at the JTO and we hope to have a big crowd.

Plenty of in-game entertainment, and the action on the field will be fantastic. What a great event! Be there on Friday.



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